Piotr Wujec


1998 - 2001r.    Tadeusz Kościuszko Comprehensive High School in Wieluń, profile: biology-chemistry

2001 - 2006r.    Łódź Medical University, Department: Medical- Dental, degree –dentist

2007 - 2011r.    Łódź Medical University, full- time PhD studies in Department of 

                           Endodontics at faculty of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics 


  • October 2006 – October 2007 – internship – University Hospital No 6, Dentistry Institute in Łódź 
  • October 2007- October 2011– work in Endodontic Clinic of University Hospital No 6 in Łódź 
  • January 2011 – at present – owner of specialistic endodontic practice Endodental in Łódź.

I am a member of Polish Endodontics Association, European Society of Endodontology and Polish Association of Dental Ergonomics. I am an author of a specialistic blog connected with endodontics: www.perfendo.blogspot.com


From April 2010 Hands-on and lectures on a field of endodontics in: Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Danzig, Allenstein, Białystok, Elbląg, Koszalin, Stettin, Gorzowie Wielkopolskim,  Mielec, Lublin and also in: Kaliningrad, Kursk i St. Petersburg, Estonia (Tartu), Egypt (Ismailia, Cairo), Romania (Cluj-Napoca), Kosovo (Prishtina), Morocco (Marrakesh)

October 2013               PhD defense, with distinction..

March 2012                 degree of specialist of conservative dentistry and endodontics 

January 2009r.        lecture: Interactions between root canal irrigation fluids. Searching of golden mean on a conference of Polish Dentisry Association in Łódź 

November 2008r.     publication of an article „Standard irrigation fluids recommended in root canal obturation in no 4/2008 scientific journal Dental and Medical Problems

May 2006r.     praticipation in Student Scientific Conference in Łódź No-metal crowns usage to teeth reconstruction after endodontic treatment and  Possibilities of treatment plan visualization using Dental Master Software.

May 2005r.                   participation in 6th International Congress of Young Medical                   

                                     Scientists  in Poznan, Materials used for                  

                                     restorations located in root cementum on the basis of dental 


May 2004r.    participation in 14th Student Scientific Conference in Łódź Ozone usage in dentistry

2003 - 2006r.    Individual studies at Conservative Dentistry Faculty.  


  • English- fluently
  • German- communicative level


  • Sport (swimming, skiing, bike riding)
  • Movies, books, music